8 Billion Reasons Yahoo Didn’t Buy Facebook

For most of the year, Facebook was talking to sell itself in Yahoo! “Instant Behemoth” has fluctuated the market value of social service sites, as both large and small services have changed hands this year. The first major acquisition was MySpace’s purchase of NewsCorp for $ 580 million in 2005. It had set up a benchmark, which in the beginning of this year, the online network of women increased from the NBC Universal purchase of iVillage to some extent.

Social networking sites generally allow users to create and share blogs, images and videos with friends and the broad masses. What makes Facebook different from MySpace? Its founders are ready to create a social networking site that is designed for high school users. It connects people through area, college, company and high school.

Create an individual profile and connect with those people who are the focal points in MySpace, contrary to your social experience, entertainment and artistic interests. Facebook tried to mix some maturity in the energetic chaos found on MySpace, and they were successful. MySpace claims that compared to 145 million, their current membership is in the north of ten million.

In the MySpace Inclusion of ‘Artist Pages’, artists working in audio and video media are allowed to freely distribute the media within the social network. It has become a central feature of the network. Artists profiles are present with different profiles, and in addition to regular profile features, they allow artists to upload media and distribute them over the network. Individual artists can link to the pages, support the media, and participate in the form of fans. As a result of this facility, the site used to use music using the site, one of the site’s mobility that made it so successful.

Facebook’s orientation around real communities makes it more efficient as connectivity tools. You can connect with anyone within your group and you can search for people across the entire Facebook spectrum. Specific interest areas are brought into focus more easily and it is easy to create a group around them. The big question for Facebook is its relevance to college years. The question for MySpace will be the ability to go through the maturity in terms of advertising and control of commercial video and music posting.

In the market, Facebook has placed several switches on its dance card, since last year it had held talks with both Microsoft and Viacom. Microsoft has actually signed an agreement with Facebook, which will provide and offer banner ads and sponsored links for Facebook using Microsoft’s own advertising center online advertising software. Some intermediate analysts have rejected this agreement as a minor, citing banners, passers and sponsored posts have been added in the form of advertising method which is also showing some age.

In the Google corner, the company has made a deal with MySpace to pay at least $ 900 million in shared advertising revenue and become the sole search provider of the site. As part of the deal, Fox Interactive Media will add a Google search box to MySpace and its other websites. Google has cracked for the first time if Google sells any display ads. Fox does not sell directly. Google has shown a willingness to organize partnership agreements and a piece of action, which has served them well in the inclination and interception of the Internet consolidation ring.

Google’s purchase of YouTube upheld the pressure on Yahoo to close the deal. It is worth noting that Google purchased YouTube with Google stock – an option not open in Yahoo’s Facebook talks. At the beginning of this summer, Yahoo decided that Facebook was expensive at $ 1 billion and in July came close to close a settlement on $ 800 million. The higher offer reported over 1.6 billion was rejected, and now Facebook claims that it is not for sale, but if it was, then it is worth at least 8 billion.

With a financial / cultural perspective, Yahoo had much to do with this acquisition because it has changed significantly in the efforts of the portal to establish and capture the Yahoo! community. In a Yahoo corner or any other, many of the features contained in both MySpace and Facebook can already be found in Yahoo proprietary components. What is missing is packaging and social cacheet that both social networking services are meant for young people.

Yahoo has created a strategy to pull internet users and advertisements through the creation of community-based services on the web, but the acquisitions are still on a small scale. Recently, Yahoo has acquired bix, microblog, and kennett works. Bix and MyBlogLog have been created with social networking lines, and will work (hopefully) to complement existing properties of Yahoo: Flickr, Tasty, Upcoming and Web sites. All of them have different orientations: Flickr is photo-centric, tasty blog tagging and sharing service, and the bix is ​​a digital karaoke and entertainment site that takes

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